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DJ Headphones: A Buyers' Guide for great DJ headphones

Shopping for a new pair of DJ headphones can be confusing, both for old-school DJ vets and first-time amateurs alike. So regardless whether they are for your first gig or hundredth, there are some features you will not want to overlook. Shopping for a good set of DJ headphones is nothing like shopping for fashion headphones or headphones for music listening. It's a completely different ballgame. Luckily this article will help you select a pair that will survive the perils of live gigs as well as reproduce your music as accurately as possible.

DJ Headphones: A Buyers' Guide for great DJ headphones

Quality and Range of Sound

Good DJ headphones need to be clear and have high level of accurate sound. A wide frequency range is very beneficial for adjusting to different sound environments. The recommended level of impedance for Deejays is between 25 to 70 ohms. Headphones with lower levels are much more prone to blow out when plugged into high-powered, high-level equipment. The levels which work best for DJs are also fitted for equipment which vary in terms of the level of power output.


DJs wear their headphones constantly throughout the day, both while preparing for a job as well as during the job itself. Most DJ headsets are built for the comfort needed in long hours of wear. This involves soft, padded cups which are made to either ride on the ears or fit snugly on them. There are two design options available: the open back and the closed back. The closed back version is far better at isolating external noise, allowing for greater focus on cues and sounds. This is especially essential in really loud environments such as a DJ nightclub.



Due to the particular activities involved in DJing, headphones worn by these professionals are prone to a heck of a lot of wear and tear. These phones are also used in almost continuous use, especially depending on the popularity and the amount of gigs the DJ gets regularly. It is therefore necessary to choose headphones which use strong and durable materials like metal and designs that can withstand the pressures of constant use. Hard plastic has been the choice material for DJ headphones in the past but more recently, aluminum and solid steel have been used to make up the outside casing of professional headphones like with the Beats Pro headphones which are almost unbreakable.

Single Cord DJ Headphones

DJ headsets are usually designed with a single long cord, whether straight or coiled, with lengths ranging from 1 to 4 meters. I personally prefer a straight cord with a right angle jack. There are a lot of movements involved in being a disc jockey; whether repetitive or not, it is quite common for cords to get entangled on the job. It’s so annoying when this happens – So the single cord design of these particular headphones lessens the likelihood of this happening. Some DJs have found that the coiled option is less likely to be pulled out of the socket if stepped on or snagged but as I mentioned, I prefer straight.



Versatile DJ headphones are best

The best DJ headphones are being made nowadays with detachable, movable and replaceable parts. With the inevitability of wear and tear as apparent as ever, detachable parts allow for the longevity of the cords and also give the user the ability to buy a replacement part instead of the whole headset, thus saving some money. Some headsets are designed with hinges or flexible plastic which allow for easy folding and DJ style swiveling of cups. This is ideal for storage as well as to allow you to listen to cues in the music while keeping an ear on the external sound in the environment of the club, both at the same time.

Price is Key

As is generally the case, you may have to spend a lot more on high-quality headphones that will be packed with features designed to make your job as a DJ that much easier. Buying a cheaper model may mean having to replace your headphones a lot more often than you would ideally like.

There are many choices of designs in headsets for DJs in the world today. I came across a helpful resource on headphoneshound.com when writing this post. Therefore, it is simply a matter of doing the right research online to make sure you find the one that best fits your needs and personal sense of what’s cool.

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